Overview, Mission & Structure

Overview, Mission & Structure

Program Overview

  • Summer: Introductory workshops (scheduled) and workgroups (upon request).
  • June – August – Introduces micro computers and controllers, visual programming, & sensors
  • Fall through Spring: Webinars, workshops & workgroups
  • August – Introduces Python and relates Python programming to building Minecraft mods
  • September – Teaches students how to install & configure web services and how to access sensors through web services using Python using the Raspberry Pi weather station project.
  • October – Continues student’s exploration of Python to access sensors and adds control and scheduling using Raspberry Pi home automation project.
  • November – Introduces the Arduino C/C++ coding environment using super LED panels to be displayed downtown in December, at the Children’s Museum in January, and at the April Expo. Teaches soldering.
  • December – Introduces the Arduino C/C++ coding environment using super small micro controllers in the telemetry rockets/drones project.
  • January – Applies Python and Arduino to robotics.
  • February – Applies Python and Arduino, teaches wiring and soldering using the laser game project.
  • March – E Health monitor.  Applies Python and Arduino.

Programming Inventors’ Expo

  • iT2Pi participants have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have achieved and present applied concepts at the annual expo
  • Projects apply technology to social matters, cultural enrichment, and artistic expression.  Categories include: Environmental and Energy, Health and Medical, Internet and Media Accessibility, Art & Gaming
  • Local IT groups and businesses are invited to demonstrate

iT2Pi is structured to

  • Utilize a hands on approach to learning.  Students learn by doing and by teaching others
  • Remove income barriers by offering no-cost courses and workshops and by utilizing low-cost hardware & open source software
  • Prepare students for employment by focusing on core technology job skills and soft skills

iT2Pi’s Mission is to

  • Contribute to an upcoming generation of creators and makers
  • Develop participants perspective of how to impact possibilities with technology
  • Prepare participants for meaningful entry into the technology jobs pipeline

Raspberry Pi as tool for STEM curricula.

iT2Pi is sponsored by:

Fresh Start SC